How do I view drawings that are emailed to me or on a CD?

The drawing files must be copied into a folder on your computer or network before creating a project or opening the plans to view in eTakeoff:

  1. Create a folder on your computer for the plan files. Click the desktop shortcut “eTakeoff Project folder” to display the eTakeoff project folder then add a new folder for the project within that folder. show me
  2. Copy or extract the drawing files into the folder you created. While in an email, right-click on the attachment and select “Save as” or click on a button to download the attachments. When the browser window appears, double-click on: Desktop / eTakeoff Project Folder / {folder you created previously}.
  3. Open eTakeoff and select “File/Create New Project” from the main menu. The folder selection dialog will be displayed. Select the folder you created in step 1. show me
  4. The project properties window will appear for the new project. Make sure “Scan for drawings” is checked and press “OK” show me
  5. A tree of the drawings files will be displayed. Make sure all the drawing files you want are checked. Then press “Add”. show me
  6. eTakeoff will create the project and open the first drawing file automatically.

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