How do I transfer my existing eTakeoff license from one computer to another?

  1. First, determine if you need to transfer eTakeoff data as well. To transfer existing data to the new computer, see FAQs “How do I transfer a project from one computer to another?” and “How do I transfer my standards database (traces, layers, bid codes, scales and extensions) from one computer to another?” before performing step 2
  2. Uninstall the license from your old computer by opening eTakeoff on your old computer, click on Admin, Install Software License and click on the “Un-Install” button. Important: Please make note of the Installation Password because you will use the same one to install on your new computer.
  3. Install eTakeoff on the new computer.
  4. Install the license on your new computer. (If you are running Vista or Windows7, you must be administrator to install your license.)
  5. If you exported projects or exported your standard database in step 1, import the projects and standards per the corresponding FAQ.

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