How do I save a project, delete it and retrieve it at a later date?

Note: This capability is not available in the Basic Viewer.

  1. With the project opened in eTakeoff, save or archive it by clicking on File, Backup or Backup and Zip. (See FAQ: What is the difference between Project Backup and Project Backup and Zip? for more information.) show me
  2. Delete the project by clicking on the Project Properties button, then clicking on the Delete Project button. Next, click the Delete button again in the “Delete Project” confirmation window. WARNING: Make sure you DO NOT check the “Delete all files and folders for this project” because you will not be able to Import the project back at a later date. (See FAQ: How do I Delete a Project? for more information.)
  3. To Retrieve the project at a later date, click on File, Project Restore…, browse to the Project’s original folder and select the archived file you created in step 1.

For more detailed information on the Backup / Restore processes, Look for “Backup” in the eTakeoff documentation index.

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