I’m currently using CINView. How do I migrate to eTakeoff?

CINView is a special version of eTakeoff that was integrated with the CIN planroom. It is no longer supported and is not integrated with iSqFt. You need to install eTakeoff to have integration with iSqFt. If you’re using CINView, we recommend you install eTakeoff and begin using it for new projects. You can have both CINView and eTakeoff installed on your computer simultaneously. However, projects created under CINView won’t appear in eTakeoff and vice versa. So your old projects will appear in CINView and your new projects will appear in eTakeoff. You can move individual projects from CINView to eTakeoff by exporting them from CINView then importing them in eTakeoff. Importing and exporting are simple processes that are described in the documentation.

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