How does Bridge work?

Bridge is a separate program that runs between eTakeoff Dimension and the Estimating system to which it is integrated. When Bridge is started, it captures all the item and assembly information from the estimating system and presents it within the Bridge Main window. The estimator drags an individual measurement from the drawing in eTakeoff Dimension and drops it onto the appropriate estimating item or assembly listed in the Bridge Window. Bridge then allows the estimator to “teach” it the proper relationship between the drawing measurement and the estimate item/assembly with a “drag & drop” mechanism, connecting the variables (length/sqft/etc) between them, at which point the result is sent to the estimating system. Once Bridge has been taught a specific relationship, or “assignment”, between a drawing measurement and the correct item/assembly in estimating, it will recall the assignment every time that measurement & item/assembly are used again. Thus, as the estimator does more takeoff, Bridge becomes more “intelligent”, ultimately enabling the estimator to automate as much of the integration as they wish.

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