What are the advantages/disadvantages of one large monitor vs. multiple smaller monitors?

Advantages of multiple monitors:

  • eTakeoff is designed to make maximum use of multiple monitors. Some applications tile multiple views in a single window so they don’t work well on multiple monitors. eTakeoff uses multiple window in most cases to take advantage of multiple monitors.
  • Do you simultaneously use multiple applications that benefit from large windows? If so, maximizing them in two different monitors is easier than organizing them in a single monitor.

Advantages of a single monitor:

  • Consider how much physical space you have. Multiple monitors take up more desktop area (for bases that are far apart)
  • Does your video card support multiple monitors? If not, you’d have to purchase a video card for multiple monitor support.
  • Do you use other applications that would benefit from a large screen area but DON’T support multiple monitors?

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