Welcome to the eTakeoff Newsletter – Issue 1, 2010

In this copy of the newsletter we bring you a case study with Excellence in Stone plus usage tips on measuring with eTakeoff Basic and the anatomy of an extension.

Case Study

CaseStudyEIS-Kitchen2Excellence in Stone

Excellence in Stone is a tile and marble subcontractor in south Florida specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects. Their projects include the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami and the Versace house. They have been using eTakeoff for about two years. Click here to read an interview with their head estimator, Silvia Rojas.

Basic Viewer Tips

Measuring with eTakeoff Basic

Measurements are taken using a color coded measurement system called Traces. eTakeoff Basic comes with 4 standard traces: Area, Count, Length and Perimeter. You can take simple measurements to calculate Square Foot and Lineal Foot
quantities and to perform counts. You can also total all measurements of a similar type on one drawing using the “Disconnect Point” tool. To watch a training video on how to use these tools, click here. These work well for most simple trades. The Basic version also supports more advanced measurements, like Arcs, curves and Cut-Outs. To watch a training video on these more advanced features, click here.

Advanced Viewer Tips

Anatomy of an Extension

Extensions allow user input and calculations to be added to individual measurements. For example, a “Wall Area” extension would allow the user to enter the wall height, then calculate the wall area as the measurement length multiplied by that height. eTakeoff provides a library of pre-defined standard extensions that can be used by Pro, ProPlus and Premier users. Pro users are only allowed to use the pre-defined extensions. ProPlus and Premier users can create their own set of extensions.