Leadership Archive

eTakeoff team


Curtis Peltz

Curtis was the President/CEO of Timberline Software until the sale of Timberline to Sage Software in 2003. Curtis continued with Sage as the General Manager of the Timberline Construction/Real Estate business unit until 2006. Since then he has had his own consulting practice. Curtis is an industry expert in the area of computerized cost estimating. In his tenure at Timberline, he was the creator of Timberline’s first minicomputer estimating system and later led the team that built Precision Estimating in DOS and Windows. Precision Estimating became one of the construction industry’s most successful estimating solutions.


John Ritzenthaler

John oversees product strategy, design and development. He first began developing plan viewing and takeoff software in 1994. He later developed Dodge View for McGraw-Hill Construction before founding eTakeoff in 2004. He has been a leader in the development of solutions for construction estimating, working with many leading construction software companies. John has a B.S. in Engineering Design from the University of Colorado.


David Snedaker

VP – Product Management
David was the founder and CEO of Construction News Service, one of the first On-Line Plan Rooms and an Industry Innovator. He has over 10 years of experience in Construction Software Design and 20 years of experience in Construction Services. David has been with eTakeoff since 2004 and has played an extensive roll in the development of the company.