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At eTakeoff, we believe in electronic plans. We believe they’re good for the property owner, good for the contractor and good for the environment.  Electronic plans are becoming the predominant way to distribute plans during bid preparation. We see that expanding quickly into project management and the rest of the project life cycle.


Partners. Given the potential scope of electronic plan usage, it will inevitably stretch across many different applications. Just in the pre-bid process, there are many different ways to distribute plans and many different trade-specific estimating applications. Because of this, our philosophy is to do a few things extremely well and integrate with partners that do other things well.

User Input. We know that “our” best ideas come from our customers. To promote that, we use newsletters, the forum and our support staff to continuously find way to improve our products and services.


Our original product was Dimension, a family of plan viewers varying in price and capability. We integrate those viewers with numerous planrooms, file transfer applications and estimating packages. In addition we provide utilities to simplify the naming and organization of electronic plans.

In 2014 we released Bridge, a product designed to tightly integrate Dimension with estimating systems. Most integration tools treat electronic takeoff like digitizing, or do a one way transfer that requires massive setup in both systems. Bridge is like no integration tool you’ve ever seen.  It learns by watching you estimate.