Bid Code Lookup Window

Bid Codes are used to organize measurements. They can also be used to facilitate the transfer of information to Excel and other estimating applications. Standard bid codes are pre-defined or commonly used bid codes that can be quickly assigned to a Trace. A standard bid code is simply the code itself plus a description.

Because there may be a large number of bid codes, the Bid Code Lookup Window is designed to easily find bid codes with a given prefix.

Figure 1: The Bid Code Lookup Window

Most of the window is filled with the list of bid codes. If the Bid Code Prefix is blank, the list will include all standard bid codes. But as a prefix is entered, the list is limited to standard bid codes that start with that prefix.

The best way to use the window is to enter the first few characters of the code then select from the limited list of bid codes. Selecting can be done in two ways:

If you wish to create a new bid code, simply press the "New..." button. The Standard Bid Code Edit Window will be displayed. Enter the bid code and description and press "OK".