Bridge Release Notes

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eTakeoff Bridge Ver

If you are upgrading Bridge from a version earlier than, you will need to perform a Bridge Database Conversion.
Please read the Bridge Database Conversion document for complete instructions BEFORE performing this Bridge Upgrade

Changes in Bridge Version


The release contains the following enhancements and changes.

  1. Bridge Takeoff - New Takeoff method introduced
    A new manual takeoff method has been introduced called Bridge Takeoff. Instead of driving the takeoff from Dimension, this method drives the takeoff from the Bridge Resource Pane. Rather than starting the takeoff process in Dimension, you would start takeoff in the Bridge Resource pane just as you would in the Sage Takeoff window. When a measurement is needed, you would use Dimension to supply the measurement. Think of Dimension, in this case, as being an electronic "digitizer" that is used to supply the measurement for a Sage variable.

    To perform takeoff using this new method:
    Some key points to remember:
    Additional information on Bridge Takeoff is provided in the Bridge User Guide. Go to FILE/HELP/Display Online Training Guide. Page 5 contains a description of the Bridge Takeoff process. Also, check the link to the Quick-Start Guide on Page 1. This contains a helpful shortcut on using the Dimension Trace Utility to create the Sage Item and Assembly traces in Dimension.

  2. Bridge Takeoff allows multiple Dimension measurements for an Item/Assembly
    Bridge Takeoff supports multiple measurements in a single item or assembly. At each variable needing a measurement, simply right-click and get the Dimension Takeoff measurement needed as described above in Bridge Takeoff. The first measurement selected for the item/assembly will become the Primary takeoff measurement. Each subsequent measurement will be a "Secondary Measurement" and will be indicated with a blue triangle in the upper left corner of the variable value field. This is similar to the indicator used in the Sage spreadsheet Qty field and indicates that the quantity came from a source other than the primary takeoff. All additional Secondary Takeoff quantities will be listed in the Secondary Takeoff pane (scroll to the right of the Primary Takeoff pane).

  3. Key points to remember:
    Additional information on Secondary Measurements is provided in the Bridge User Guide. Go to FILE/HELP/Display Online Training Guide, page 48.

  4. Miscellaneous bug fixes

Bridge may be downloaded HERE