Bridge Release Notes

New Versions of Bridge, Dimension and Navisworks Integrator are available for download


Navisworks Integrator Ver Available

Incorporates Bridge Project Backup capability.
Install the Navisworks Integrator AFTER installing the new Bridge

Navisworks Integrator Ver may be downloaded HERE

eTakeoff Dimension Ver 6.1-12 Available

This new version is required for Bridge Compatibility.

Dimension 6.1-12 includes additional support for the Bridge Project Backup feature.
If you aren't already using Dimension 6.1-12, download and install BEFORE installing Bridge

eTakeoff Dimension Ver 6.1-12 (NEW Installation) may be downloaded HERE

eTakeoff Dimension Ver 6.1-12 (UPGRADE Installation) may be downloaded HERE

eTakeoff Bridge Ver

If you are upgrading Bridge from a version earlier than, you will need to perform a Bridge Database Conversion.
Please read the Bridge Database Conversion document for complete instructions BEFORE performing this Bridge Upgrade

Changes in Bridge Version


The release contains the following enhancements and changes.

  1. Sage SQL and Essential 20.1 compatibility
    This version of Bridge now supports Sage SQL and Sage Essential Estimating version 20.1.

  2. The Bridge OPEN dialog now allows deleting multiple bridges.
    Use the Windows standard CTRL-click for individual selections and shift-click for ranges.

  3. Project Backup/Restore/Copy has been enhanced to support Navisworks NWD and Multi-User projects.
    The prior version of Bridge introduced the new Project Backup feature, but it was limited to Dimension single user project backup. Bridge Project Backup now supports Navisworks NWD projects and also Dimension Multi-User Projects. This description is a review of the Project Backup feature with Multi-User projects incorporated.

  4. Three functions comprise the new Backup Bridge Menu:
    • Backup Project
    • Restore Project
    • Copy Project

    The Project Backup and Restore functions are designed to create a unique archival backup zip file that reflects the status of the entire takeoff/estimate project at that time. The backup will contain all necessary Dimension, Bridge & Sage files for archiving and later restoration of the project. The entire project can be later restored with a new name and will be available as a completely independent version of the project which can be run in parallel with the existing project. The Copy Project function is essentially the same as the Backup, but instead of creating an archival file, a completely new version of the takeoff/bridge/estimate project is instantly available without affecting the current project. Instructions for use of these features are included in the appropriate Dialog boxes.

    In the case of a multi-user project, the Backup/Copy functions will list all bridges and estimates associated with the Multi-user Dimension project. Unless you choose otherwise, the entire multi-user Dimension project, all associated Bridges and Bridge Catalogs and all associated estimates will be backed up into one zip file (or immediately copied).

    The Restore function will likewise restore all aspects of the project. After the Restore you will be provided a list of all restored Bridges. You can then select a Bridge from the list, at which point both Bridge and the associated takeoff application (Dimension or Navisworks) will be started and loaded with the restored project.

    Note - DO NOT USE the Dimension Project Backup or the Sage Estimate Backup functions for archival purposes as these will destroy the Bridge links to the Takeoff and Estimate files when later restored.

  5. AUTOMATIC button process improvements
    The Automatic button process time has been substantially reduced.

  6. User-ID support in the Resource List
    If you are using Dimension with multiple Estimators there are two ways to accomplish the interface to Estimating.
    • Each Estimator has their own Bridge and Estimate and these are merged into a composite Estimate.Backup Project
    • All estimators perform takeoff within Dimension, then a single Bridge is used to connect to the Estimate

    If you are using the second method, then Bridge can now display the Measurements in the Resource List by User-ID. You must turn OFF the "Apply User-ID Filter" option in User Preferences to enable this capability. Also, the CTRL-click and Shift-click selection capability will allow submitting measurements to the estimate by User-ID (estimator).

  7. Dimension Trace Utility - Export WBS Codes only
    The EXPORT function now has an option to export WBS codes ONLY in the event you wish to update the WBS code list in Dimension without exporting any traces.

  8. Dimension Trace Utility - Auto-Mapping now has ON/OFF button
    The User Preference Auto-Mapping dialog now has an ON/OFF button so this function can be turned off. All options on the Auto-Mapping Tab are stored by database.

  9. Dimension Trace Utility - Bridge Mapping window now allows Group Editing
    The Bridge Mapping dialog now allows Group Editing. Previously the Bridge Mapping window only allowed mapping a single trace extension. Now, if you select multiple traces before opening the Bridge Mapping window, all COMMON variables in the selected traces will be displayed for mapping. You can also map all extension variables, select auto/semi-auto operation and mark "approved" across all selected traces.

  10. Dimension Trace Utility - Bridge Mapping allows pre-selecting Required Variables
    The Bridge Mapping window has been enhanced to allow selecting which Sage Variables should be required entries in Dimension. Required entries in Dimension will appear as pink entry fields. More explanation is provided in the Bridge Mapping dialog by hovering the cursor over the variable checkbox column to display the tool tip.

  11. Miscellaneous bug fixes
Bridge may be downloaded HERE